What’s Happening

Everyday Clothes

I've read quite a few things recently about clothes and how these can influence our moods and actions. Holding meetings by Zoom or on Google Hangout or watching services on Facebook Live may have changed how we view getting dressed: is there any point, or can we just...

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Wilting or Thriving?

One of the beauties of walking in the countryside is the many woods and rivers close to us which provide us with the opportunity to savour and examine God's wonderful creation. There are so many different trees, so many wildflowers and so many creatures to examine...

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The Holy Spirit – our counsellor and comforter

As we prepare our hearts to celebrate Pentecost this coming Sunday and continue to pray for people to come to know the Lord as part of the 'Thy Kingdom Come' prayer initiative, my daily readings today looked at John 16, where Jesus prepares His disciples for His death...

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Talking Point

Talking Point: Immigration (1)

Garry's 'Talking Point' topic tonight was on the contentious and highly topical issue of immigration, one of the major debating points during the recent EU referendum. Many people in the UK are afraid of the rise in numbers of immigrants and refugees entering the...

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Talking Point: Safeguarding Against Pornography

It's important for us to understand that sex in itself is not sinful, but is in fact a gift of God. In its proper context, between a married man and woman, sex is something beautiful, a picture of the close relationship God longs to have with His people. But the Bible...

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Talking Point: The Problem of Pornography

Pornography (printed or visual material containing the explicit description or display of sexual organs or activity, intended to stimulate sexual excitement) is a growing problem these days, exacerbated by the easy availability of porn videos via the Internet. Josh...

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How We Got Here


During the Open Day, we had a 'visitors' book' in which visitors could write their comments about the church refurbishment. Here are some of the comments that were written:"An excellent example of the Church working with and for the community - WELL DONE." (Deputy...

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After the evening meeting

After the evening meeting ended, we returned to the community hall to finish the buffet and to chat with people.Proof that people who had been here all day were still smiling by the end!The clock shows we've been there over twelve hours!Chatting with friends who have...

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Community consultation

One of the aims of the Open Day was to consult with the community about what people want to see in the new building. We had a 'suggestions table' where people could write their suggestions and ideas for activities and the leadership of the church will look at how we...

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