What’s Happening


Yesterday, I managed to cut my finger. I still don't know how I actually did this, but I suddenly became aware of pain, looked down and found blood oozing from a long cut that looked like I'd sliced the finger on something sharp. The Bible describes itself as being...

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Messy Moulding

'Messy play' is an important part of growing up. With a toddler, it refers to playing with different media such as paint, glue, playdough, glitter, sand and water, all of which have the capacity to be messy. Messy play usually ends up with paint daubed everywhere and...

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August Birthdays

We had two more birthdays to celebrate tonight (apologies for the photos, taken on my phone rather than on a camera; perhaps I should just admit to not being a photographer!)

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Talking Point

Talking Point: Safeguarding Against Pornography

It's important for us to understand that sex in itself is not sinful, but is in fact a gift of God. In its proper context, between a married man and woman, sex is something beautiful, a picture of the close relationship God longs to have with His people. But the Bible...

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Talking Point: The Problem of Pornography

Pornography (printed or visual material containing the explicit description or display of sexual organs or activity, intended to stimulate sexual excitement) is a growing problem these days, exacerbated by the easy availability of porn videos via the Internet. Josh...

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Gay Marriage (2)

The Biblical view of marriage is given in Gen 2:18-25 and is reinforced by Jesus (Matt 19:3-4, Mk 10:2-9). Marriage is between a man and a woman. There are obvious problems with the notion of homosexual marriage, the first being that homosexual practice is not...

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How We Got Here


During the Open Day, we had a 'visitors' book' in which visitors could write their comments about the church refurbishment. Here are some of the comments that were written:"An excellent example of the Church working with and for the community - WELL DONE." (Deputy...

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After the evening meeting

After the evening meeting ended, we returned to the community hall to finish the buffet and to chat with people.Proof that people who had been here all day were still smiling by the end!The clock shows we've been there over twelve hours!Chatting with friends who have...

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Community consultation

One of the aims of the Open Day was to consult with the community about what people want to see in the new building. We had a 'suggestions table' where people could write their suggestions and ideas for activities and the leadership of the church will look at how we...

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