What’s Happening


Propaganda and rhetoric are powerful tools, especially in the hands of skilled orators. Language can be a powerfully emotive weapon which can be used to persuade, argue and propose all kinds of views. It can be very difficult to sift fact from emotion in speeches and...

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What A Diverse Bunch!

John Stott, writing about the foundation of the church in Philippi (Acts 16:6-40), says ‘it would be hard to imagine a more disparate group than the business woman, the slave girl and the gaoler. Racially, socially and psychologically they were worlds apart. Yet all...

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Joy In Prison

Prison is not an experience most of us equate with joy. The two things just don’t seem synonymous. Prison implies restrictions, lack of freedom, punishment and deprivation. When injustice is added into the equation – being wrongfully imprisoned – we can’t imagine...

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Talking Point

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How We Got Here


Continuing with the games' theme...!Tonight, the 'missing part' of the floor has been filled in. All these pieces of wood remind me of Jenga, although this is more like a jigsaw than a tower!

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A number of members in our congregation like to play Scrabble and there has been a lot of discussion over the letters we have had made for the sign to go on the outside of the building. The letters will spell GOLDTHORPE PENTECOSTAL COMMUNITY CHURCH. One person...

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The work continues…

Here are some more photos of the work that's been going on this week at St Mark's:More floor scrubbing:Painting around the re-plastered area where the new door has gone in:Working on boxing more piping in:Fixing equipment:"The black thing" (apparently where the...

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