What’s Happening

Preparing For Plough Sunday

This coming Sunday (10th January) is 'Plough Sunday', when we will be thinking specifically about and praying for people's work. Work is a time-consuming and often rewarding and sometimes draining, part of our lives and it is good to bring this important aspect of our...

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At this time of national lockdown, it's easy to feel overwhelmed and even despairing, especially when faced with a barrage of constant bad news. God spoke very clearly to me at the start of the year from Psalm 112, and I am holding on to these verses: 'Surely the...

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New Year’s Change

With every New Year comes talk of change: New Year's resolutions, how to change our lifestyles and so on. Tonight, we explored the subject of change through Mickey's drawings... Mickey, our resident puppet, set us the task of guessing what his drawings were, which...

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Talking Point

Talking Point – Islam

Garry's latest 'Talking Point' sermon looked at the subject of Islam. Headlines appear almost daily in the newspapers informing us of terrorist atrocities committed by radical Muslims, and it is undoubtedly true that violent jihad is a constant of Islamic history, the...

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Inside the Ethics Committee

A very interesting radio programme on Radio 4 today touching on some of the issues raised by Garry's sermon on euthanasia on Sunday. You can listen to the programme 'Inside the Ethics Committee' here (or via the Radio 4 website if the link doesn't work.)

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A slippery slope

The road to hell, the proverb goes, is paved with good intentions. There are many who advocate euthanasia for the most humane of reasons. They want to alleviate pain and suffering; they want to show mercy and compassion to those suffering (whether the person involved...

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How We Got Here

Fabulous, filling food!

Man doesn't live on bread alone, and neither did we on Saturday! After the Open Day finished, church members and friends who had worked so hard with us on this faith journey had a meal together. In our area, this kind of meal is often known as a 'faith tea', meaning...

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Names in the Bible generally have far more significance than in our Western society. Abram ('exalted father') became Abraham ('father of many'). Jacob ('he grasps the heel', figuratively 'he deceives') became Israel ('he struggles with God'). Jesus was thus named...

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The Photo Gallery

At the start of the planning for the Open Day, it was decided to use the corridor space to host a photo gallery to show people how the work progressed. We spent one evening looking through hundreds of photos to try to narrow them down to the 46 we could have. In the...

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