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Always In Date

Stephen spoke tonight about the relevance of Christmas - and indeed all of God's word - to our lives today. When we buy food nowadays, there is often a 'use by' date or 'best before date' on the packaging, which determines when it can be eaten. We may well feel that...

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The Story of Joseph

Dave spoke this morning from Matt 1:18-25, focussing on Joseph, the often forgotten character in the Christmas story. Joseph was an honourable and righteous man who found himself in an impossible situation. He was pledged to be married to Mary, but had found out she...

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Advent Emotions

Advent hope: Anticipating. Waiting. Looking. Searching. He’s coming. Advent peace: Soothing troubled hearts, Relaxing furrowed brows, Calming anxious frowns. Wholeness. Well-being. He’s coming. Advent joy: Bubbling from within, Tremulous at first, Just the occasional...

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Talking Point

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How We Got Here

Open Day next Saturday!

Yes, we're just one week away from the official opening!Rather than focussing on what remains to be done before then (the thought of which, I have to confess, is bringing me out in a cold sweat..!), let me take this opportunity to let everyone know what is on the...

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Final touches!

With just over a week to go to the Open Day, there are a lot of final touches to be done! Perhaps the most pressing thing is the emergency lighting which is being fitted:New steps have been made to access the stage:Badminton posts have been made for the Community...

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