What’s Happening

Peace With God

Dave (back in his suit tonight!) spoke from Romans 5:1-8 tonight, talking about peace and specifically the peace we need between humanity and God. This passage reminds us that at just the right time, Jesus died for the ungodly - peace with God was made possible...

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The Personal Touch

Philippians 2:19-30 is one of those forgotten passages. Tucked between the lofty first eleven verses of the chapter where Paul outlines great Christology and practical Christian living and Philippians 3 where we see how to press on in faith, these verses mentioning...

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Our Influence

Whether we realise it or not, we all have influence on others. Even the most 'insignificant' person will influence their family and friends in ways they may not always recognise. When we stop and consider who we are, we will all realise the influence of others on our...

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Talking Point

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How We Got Here

Open Day next Saturday!

Yes, we're just one week away from the official opening!Rather than focussing on what remains to be done before then (the thought of which, I have to confess, is bringing me out in a cold sweat..!), let me take this opportunity to let everyone know what is on the...

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Final touches!

With just over a week to go to the Open Day, there are a lot of final touches to be done! Perhaps the most pressing thing is the emergency lighting which is being fitted:New steps have been made to access the stage:Badminton posts have been made for the Community...

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