What’s Happening

Birthday celebration

Birthday celebrations all feel a bit strange still, but it was good to celebrate Jade's birthday tonight.

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Right Here, Right Now

Dave spoke this evening from 1 John 3:1-3, verses which remind us of our identity as Christians - we are children of God. Dr Martin Lloyd-Jones once said that we are unhappy because we fail to realise what a Christian is; we need to understand that those who believe...

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Assimilated Truth (2)

God describes His word as a fire, a hammer and as a sword: Both these descriptions show us that God’s word is powerful and active. Fire purges. Nothing looks the same again after fire. A hammer seems a small tool, but it has the strength and power to break hardened...

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Talking Point

Joy, Despite… (2)

Many people at this time are looking for an exit strategy out of lockdown, but perhaps more important for Christians is to learn God's entrance strategy into joy, a joy which is not dependent on happy circumstances or sunny personalities. The joy God gives us is not...

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Get Wet For God!

My granddaughter has recently discovered the joys of a warm summer and public fountains... At the same time, however, she was initially nervous of these fountains because they were pre-programmed to disperse water at different speeds and heights and she was wary. She...

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Transgender Issues

Garry continued his 'Talking Point' series tonight, looking at transgender issues. Gender is generally understood as 'the state of being male or female', and transgender is defined as 'denoting or relating to a person whose sense of personal identity and gender does...

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How We Got Here

Months later…

Do you ever reach the end of a book where all the strands are neatly tied together and wonder 'what happens next?' to the characters?I love books which feature the same characters, as essentially I get engrossed with them and want to know how things work out for them,...

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New blog!

This blog will soon be running out of things to say, since it was created specifically to chart the progress of the church as it renovated St Mark's. Once I've got all the details down about the Open Day, I won't be posting here any more.But do not despair! The church...

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A House of Prayer

One of our prayers is that the new building will indeed become a house of prayer. At the Open Day, we listed the many answers to prayer we have seen over the journey to acquire St Mark's and renovate the building, and we look forward to recording many more answers.A...

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