How We Got Here

Months later…

Do you ever reach the end of a book where all the strands are neatly tied together and wonder ‘what happens next?’ to the characters?

I love books which feature the same characters, as essentially I get engrossed with them and want to know how things work out for them, not just for the plot I’ve read.

So, just in case any of you who’ve read this blog are wondering ‘what happened next?’ and haven’t kept up with the news on the church blog, here is an update.

We moved into the building in June 2010 and had the official Open Day in July 2010. Since then, we have had plenty of meetings in the building:

1) family services
2) Bible studies
3) Communion services
4) prayer meetings
5) badminton nights
5) Mums & Toddlers
6) youth meetings
7) coffee mornings
8) carol services
9) a wedding blessing

We have had new windows put in the community hall and have put our old building up for sale. We had hoped to have sold it by now, but so far, it’s still for sale and we would still value prayer that we will be able to sell it in the New Year to ensure that the final terms of the sale can be met.

We have seen new people come to church and lots of people from the community attend different meetings. We have welcomed a new baby into our church family and congratulated two members on their graduations. We’ve baked lots of cakes and eaten lots of food together and are looking forward to seeing in 2011 with our usual New Year’s Day party.

Months later, then, we can testify to God’s faithfulness, provision, ongoing care and unfailing love and we rejoice in all He has done in us and for us in 2010.

New blog!

This blog will soon be running out of things to say, since it was created specifically to chart the progress of the church as it renovated St Mark’s. Once I’ve got all the details down about the Open Day, I won’t be posting here any more.

But do not despair! The church will continue to flourish and I will continue to chart that progress, just on a new blog! You can read all about it at:

See you there! (The link at the side should take you directly there.)

A House of Prayer

One of our prayers is that the new building will indeed become a house of prayer. At the Open Day, we listed the many answers to prayer we have seen over the journey to acquire St Mark’s and renovate the building, and we look forward to recording many more answers.

A colleague at work made these praying hands (thanks, Ali!) as a vivid visual reminder of all that we want the church to be.

May we always be a people of prayer and may this building be a place of prayer.

Even more photos!

I’m still working through all the photos and there are so many to share with you!

I think this photo captures the hard work and fun in the kitchen! (and satisfies the Health & Safety person in me, since it shows the First Aid kit!)

Proof that Stephen did practise for the evening celebration (look at the time!) and also a good view of Gary’s presentation, showing on both the small screen and the large screen:

More fun on the Wii-fit:

… and playing pool & air-hockey:

Proof that Gary did get away from the computer!

Having made a mask and now colouring…

It really was a great day, with so much activity and so much fun.

The evening celebration

I was too busy taking part in the evening celebration to take photos, but I’ve just been given these photos from the meeting (thanks, Mark!)

Dave during the first sermon:

Stephen during his sermon:

Esther singing:

Garry preaching:

Mark preaching:

Strength will rise

I love this photo of Joan, feeling exhausted after the tea and just before the evening meeting. The week leading up to the Open Day was truly exhausting and I don’t think she can be blamed for feeling the pace or needing the energy drink to keep going!

The Bible teaches us that God is never weary or tired and never slumbers or sleeps (Ps 121:4). On the other hand, it recognises the truth that “Even youths grow tired and weary, and young men stumble and fall” (Isaiah 40:30), but goes on to say:
“but those who hope in the LORD will renew their strength. They will soar on wings like eagles; they will run and not grow weary, they will walk and not be faint.” (Is 40:31)

Those who were weary during the day can testify that they received the strength they needed to get through all the activities, and for the record, Joan was there on the Sunday, ministering to people who came into church through prayer, just as always. God helps us even when we’re tired.