What’s Happening


Tonight we looked at the subject of teamwork. God loves us all and wants us to love one another. Often, this will mean helping each other as we realise we can't do everything on our own. God has put us in the church so that we can work together to let others know...

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According To God’s Unfailing Love and Great Compassion

This morning, we looked at Psalm 51, David’s psalm of repentance after he was confronted (through the prophet Nathan) about his conduct (adultery with Bathsheba and his plotting to kill her husband, Uriah the Hittite, in a futile attempt to conceal his sinful...

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More on Holy Communion

The Eucharist reminds us forcibly of God's great love for people (John 3:16, 1 John 3:1) It helps us to see people (including ourselves) 'not through the dirty lens of our own muddled feelings and not through the smudgy window of another's carping criticism, but in...

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Talking Point

Joy, Despite… (2)

Many people at this time are looking for an exit strategy out of lockdown, but perhaps more important for Christians is to learn God's entrance strategy into joy, a joy which is not dependent on happy circumstances or sunny personalities. The joy God gives us is not...

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Get Wet For God!

My granddaughter has recently discovered the joys of a warm summer and public fountains... At the same time, however, she was initially nervous of these fountains because they were pre-programmed to disperse water at different speeds and heights and she was wary. She...

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Transgender Issues

Garry continued his 'Talking Point' series tonight, looking at transgender issues. Gender is generally understood as 'the state of being male or female', and transgender is defined as 'denoting or relating to a person whose sense of personal identity and gender does...

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How We Got Here

Even more photos!

I'm still working through all the photos and there are so many to share with you!I think this photo captures the hard work and fun in the kitchen! (and satisfies the Health & Safety person in me, since it shows the First Aid kit!)Proof that Stephen did practise for...

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The evening celebration

I was too busy taking part in the evening celebration to take photos, but I've just been given these photos from the meeting (thanks, Mark!)Dave during the first sermon:Stephen during his sermon:Esther singing:Garry preaching:Mark preaching:

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Strength will rise

I love this photo of Joan, feeling exhausted after the tea and just before the evening meeting. The week leading up to the Open Day was truly exhausting and I don't think she can be blamed for feeling the pace or needing the energy drink to keep going!The Bible...

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