What’s Happening

Real Life Problems

Fairy tales have their share of peril (big bad wolves, wicked stepmothers, plotting witches, perilous spinning wheels and so on), but they tend to end with the words ‘and they all lived happily ever after.’ As Aaron Shust reminds us, though, ‘There's no such thing as...

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Waiting on God

Dave spoke tonight on Isaiah 40:31, a favourite verse of many people containing the promise of renewed strength, no matter what our age. To wait on God is illustrated in the book of Esther, when Esther, faced with the threat of the extinction of the Jews and urged to...

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Miraculous Deliverance

Having looked at Peter's miraculous deliverance from prison last week (Acts 12:1-19), this morning we looked at how Paul and Silas were delivered from prison in Philipp in Acts 16:16-40 by means of an earthquake which caused the prison foundations to tremble and the...

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Talking Point

A slippery slope

The road to hell, the proverb goes, is paved with good intentions. There are many who advocate euthanasia for the most humane of reasons. They want to alleviate pain and suffering; they want to show mercy and compassion to those suffering (whether the person involved...

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A Good Death?

In his new series 'Talking Point!', Garry hopes to stimulate discussion and talk from a Christian perspective about issues that are in the news today, equipping Christians to understand and explain the Biblical reasons for why we believe what we believe on certain...

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How We Got Here

Our glorious geeks!

We need technical people to help things run smoothly, and these guys were great. They were responsible for the presentation which ran throughout the day, for the background music in the main hall, for giving us words to sing to in the evening meeting and for the sound...

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More fun!

One of the songs we love is called 'More Love, More Power' by Jude Del Hierro. This post is all about having more fun!Different ages enjoying table-tennis:Playing pool:Balloon-modelling:Face-painting outdoors:Doing colouring competitions and the anagrams competition:

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Times of refreshing

Church events just wouldn't be the same without refreshments! It seems we spend as much time making cups of tea and coffee as we do on any other activity, and the Open Day was no exception. In deference to the number of mugs we own, the number of people who can fit...

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