What’s Happening

God’s Plans for the Now

In the trilogy of films 'Back To The Future', time travel enables a character to obtain a sports almanac from the future and make bets with certainty on the results of matches. This demonstrates a very human tendency to want to make plans for the future and be in...

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God’s New Thing

God is often doing new things, as Isaiah reminds us (Is 42:9, Is 43:19), something which we generally find rather frightening. Many of us are creatures of habit and we like the familiarity and comfort of routines. It’s this tendency to find change uncomfortable and...

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Dealing With Opposition

Opposition has become a familiar theme in our Bible studies in Acts; this was something the early church had to contend with from the outset, and this is not surprising, given the opposition that Jesus Himself had to face. Jesus warned His disciples frequently about...

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Talking Point

Celebrity Culture

Garry's 'Talking Point' sermon tonight looked at the subject of celebrity culture. Celebrities seem to enjoy incredible importance and influence in the Western world, be they film stars, sportspeople, talent show winners or Internet celebrities. Their fame,wealth and...

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Talking Point: Immigration (2)

The Bible has much to say about foreigners living in the land of God's people, with the laws applying to both native born and foreigners equally (Numbers 15:13-16; see also Lev 18:26, Lev 24:16). Foreigners were to be treated well (see Lev 19:10,34; Lev 25:35). Lest...

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Talking Point: Immigration (1)

Garry's 'Talking Point' topic tonight was on the contentious and highly topical issue of immigration, one of the major debating points during the recent EU referendum. Many people in the UK are afraid of the rise in numbers of immigrants and refugees entering the...

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How We Got Here

Even more photos!

I'm still working through all the photos and there are so many to share with you!I think this photo captures the hard work and fun in the kitchen! (and satisfies the Health & Safety person in me, since it shows the First Aid kit!)Proof that Stephen did practise for...

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The evening celebration

I was too busy taking part in the evening celebration to take photos, but I've just been given these photos from the meeting (thanks, Mark!)Dave during the first sermon:Stephen during his sermon:Esther singing:Garry preaching:Mark preaching:

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Strength will rise

I love this photo of Joan, feeling exhausted after the tea and just before the evening meeting. The week leading up to the Open Day was truly exhausting and I don't think she can be blamed for feeling the pace or needing the energy drink to keep going!The Bible...

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