My granddaughter has recently discovered the joys of a warm summer and public fountains… At the same time, however, she was initially nervous of these fountains because they were pre-programmed to disperse water at different speeds and heights and she was wary. She needed encouragement to jump in and get wet! (Once in, she loved it!)

In many ways, I think we are the same when it comes to letting others know the good news about God. We are wary. What if people think we’re weird? What if people don’t listen to us? What if they have questions we can’t answer? What if they don’t want to know?

There’s always a risk when we take that step of faith into the unknown and introduce faith into a conversation that perhaps wasn’t expecting that response. But, as we will be considering the next time we look at ‘the wells of salvation’, there’s a difference between paddling and swimming. We need, perhaps, to learn to get wet for God! Taking every opportunity to speak of the God who has saved us is a liberating and exhilarating experience… but you have to get wet!