Ps 119:11 says ‘I have hidden your word in my heart that I might not sin against you.’ There are a number of online apps designed to help us do just that!

Remember Me is an app that helps you memorise Scripture, using audio as well as word puzzles. Another useful site is Fighter Verses, which focuses 1) the character and worth of our great God, 2) battling against our fleshly desires, and 3) the hope of the Gospel as they give specific verses to learn. Again, a variety of methods help you memorise Scripture, including songs and games.

fighter verses

The Verses Project is another useful website for learning Bible verses, using musical and visual art to help people meditate on and memorise Scripture. Music seems to be a great way of getting God’s Word into our hearts and minds, so this is a really helpful way of absorbing God’s word!

theversesprojectGot Questions? is a website which has 439,557 questions and answers about the Bible, so is really useful for answering questions such as ‘Who was Cain’s wife?’ or ‘What does the Bible say about gambling?’ Great for parents or anyone who really does have questions about the Bible!

got questionsThere are a whole host of websites which have commentaries on the Bible for those wanting to study the Bible in more detail. Some useful ones are listed below:

  1. Step Bible
  2. Bible Hub
  3. Blue Letter Bible
  4. Bible Web App
  5. ESword

There is also a lot of sophisticated Bible software available, but some of this is expensive.