There are a host of different apps, websites and games which are available online to help us engage with the Bible, and as we prepare for Bible Sunday on 25th October, it’s good to have a look at some of these for all of you out there who are tech savvy…

Bible Gateway is a fantastic website offering free access to the Bible in more than 70 languages and 200 different translations. It’s a great way to find passages, look up quotations and generally find out more about the Bible. This is the site I really miss when my Internet connection drops out!

Bible GatewayBible Companion is an app which is designed to ‘bring us back to what is most important every day’, helping to ‘build healthy Christian habits of Bible reading’. The Bible Companion App helps create and maintain good Bible reading habits by tracking your Bible readings with consistency meters, progress bars, and reading stats displayed within daily, weekly & monthly charts. Other tracking features include setting goals for prayer, reflection, community, Bible Study, and other readings. For those whose phones seem to control their lives, this is a great way of monitoring what you read!

bible companion appBible In One Year is an app which offers daily Old and New Testament readings (along with a reflection on these texts.) A great way to be disciplined about reading the whole of the Bible.

BIOYShe Reads Truth & He Reads Truth give reading plans in ‘manageable lengths’ for men and women with beautiful text and imagery. They can be read online or on a phone or by email subscription. You’re encouraged to reflect on the passages read by asking the following 5 questions:

1. What does this teach me about God?
2. What does this teach me about man?
3. What does this teach me about the Gospel?
4. How will I respond?
5. How will I pray?

The whole point of all these tools is to get us engaged in actually reading God’s Word. It’s never been easier to do this, when we can carry the Bible with us on a phone or tablet wherever we go. Let’s make the most of technology and dive in!