Importunity: persistence to the point of annoyance.
The word ‘importunity’ describes a widow in a parable Jesus told His disciples to remind them that they should always pray and not give up. (Luke 18:1-8) The woman kept coming to a judge, asking for justice. She did not give up, even though the judge did not seem to want to listen. Eventually, he decided to give her the justice she craved for the simple reasons that her importunity left him no other other option.
God is not indifferent to us like the judge in the parable, but sometimes, perhaps, we feel like He is slow in responding to our prayers. The temptation at that point is to give up. Give in. Stop bothering. There’s no point.
The parable reminds us about persistence in prayer. Sometimes we have to ask and keep on asking. Sometimes we have to seek and keep on seeking. Sometimes we have to knock and keep on knocking.
Prayer is not an optional extra. It’s not something we do simply when we feel like it. It’s not something that can be added on to a life of faith when all else seems to have failed.
Prayer, including the need to intercede for other people, is essential for Christian growth. Life won’t succeed if we cut God out of the equation, and sometimes, we need to just keep on praying, no matter what.
There’s opportunity to do that at the ‘Churches Together’ prayer meeting today at GPCC at 1.45 p.m. Do join us to pray.