There’s also a wealth of online material suitable for use with children. Bible Society’s ‘Bible Bedtime’ encourages parents to read Bible stories to their children; the Bible apps tell fun, colourful cartoon Bible stories, complete with downloadable, printable images from the narratives.

Bible bedtime picture

‘The Bible For Kids’ is a selection of animated Bible stories, with games and activities to help children remember the story. Children can read along with the stories, thus fostering the skill of reading aloud.

BIble for kids‘David vs Goliath – A Righteous Tale’ won last year’s Premier Digital award and offers a modern, child-friendly retelling of the story of David and Goliath (aimed at 7-11 year olds), including activities and online games.

david vs goliath‘Guardians of Ancora’ is a tablet game from Scripture Union aimed at 8-11 year olds which offers an interactive experience of the Bible. New stories are regularly added; this app is entirely free to download.

Guardians of Ancora

If teaching children God’s word is the aim, there are a number of useful websites which have games, activities and printable resources. ‘Incredible Islands’ has lessons suitable for use in church services or at home, with each lesson linking to more than 100 online games and activities (charges apply.) ‘Bible Buddies’ is a useful tool providing cut-out figures and backdrops to bring Bible stories to life. And for those of you who love Lego, ‘The Brick Testament’ brings Bible stories to life using Lego characters!

lego bibleWith such a plethora of resources available to us, we have no excuse for not engaging with the Bible. The youngest to the oldest can find something to engage us in such a variety of media that we can all find ways of reading the Bible. God’s Word is not chained; in our country, we have so many resources freely available to us that we should indeed be able to read, learn and inwardly digest this precious book. All that is required is our willingness to immerse ourselves in the world of the Bible.