Another funny version of the song, this time from John Denver and the Muppets!

Today’s charity is Oasis.

This charity, founded by Steve Chalke, is about life-changing work with young people, families and communities around the world, including the UK. In this country, Oasis develops Hubs to help build, restore and transform communities. These can be involved in homeless projects, out-of-hours youth projects, helping the disadvantaged and feeding the needy. The nearest Hub to us is Grimsby, but these projects really aim to bring positive help to communities that have been suffering deprivation and need help and regeneration. The charity is also involved in education and community health projects and is connected to Faithworks, a movement of thousands of individuals, churches and organisations motivated by their Christian faith to serve the needs of their local communities and positively influence society as a whole. Faithworks exists to resource, inspire and speak up for these vital initiatives.