Today’s song is a parody of ‘The Twelve Days of Christmas’ from Allan Sherman:

Today’s charity is OMS (One Mission Society)
OMS is a global mission working in over fifty countries on six continents. Its aims are to establish responsible, reproducing, Christ-centred churches among the nations, which it endeavours to do through evangelism, church planting, training leaders and partnership with national church fellowships. I am particularly involved with this charity because a very good friend of mine, Steve Davies, is serving as a missionary with the charity. He and his wife, Katuska, and three sons have just finished a four-year term of ministry in Katuska’s native Ecuador, working in the Bible college there. They are currently on Home Assignment in the UK and will be visiting us in Goldthorpe on 11th March to talk about their plans to travel out to Mozambique later this year to be involved in church planting there; Steve spoke at our church a few years ago before they went out to Ecuador for the first time.

It’s always good to have personal links with missionaries and to be involved with missionary work; I find this much easier to do if you can keep in regular contact with people and hear about what they are doing. You can read about Steve and Katuska’s work in Ecuador on their blog and can follow their current plans on their new blog