We are constantly being told that we have a finite amount of fossil fuels to feed our energy needs and that we must look to renewable energy sources for the future.

All of us can identify with the idea of reaching the end of our natural resources. We understand that we have a limited amount of patience, kindness, compassion and love, and often feel that we have simply run dry of the milk of human kindness. We are worn out by the constant demands on our time and regularly feel that we have no reserves left to see us through another day of lockdown.

What do we do when we feel burned out, washed out and completely depleted of energy and love? Matthew 11:28-30 offers us the very simple answer.

We must come to Jesus.

In Jesus, all the fulness of the Godhead dwells (Col 1:19). In Him, there is an endless reserve of love, patience, kindness, compassion, mercy, forgiveness and strength. When we are weary and burned out, when our battery charge is at 0%, if we come to Him, we can, once again, be filled.

We are finite. God is infinite. We are weary. God is never weary and never slumbers or sleeps. (Is 40:28, Ps 121:4) We are selfish. God is selfless. All that we lack can be found in God.

Plug yourself into God today. He’s willing to pour into us everything we need. His reserves are limitless and will never run out.