Friday 2nd March was the Women’s World Day of Prayer. The Dearne meeting was this year hosted by Goldthorpe Pentecostal Community Church and 56 people attended from a variety of churches, including the Salvation Army, the Methodist Church, Anglican churches in Goldthorpe, Bolton-on-Dearne, Barnburgh and Adwick-on-Dearne and the Catholic church in Goldthorpe. Thank you to all who attended and who helped out in any way at all to make the evening so successful!

Each year, the service is written by women from different countries, and this year it was the turn of the Malaysian Christians on the theme of ‘Let Justice Prevail’. We had a map to help us know where Malaysia is:

We decorated the church with pictures of butterflies (symbolising freedom) made by children at Sunday School and Mark also worked with children to produce Malaysian flags:

As part of our own efforts to see justice prevail and to help the needy in our own community, all the items donated (tinned food and clothing) will be distributed by members of the Salvation Army church to families in Goldthorpe.
Different churches worked to make paper chains to symbolise the difficulties some people face and these were broken to symbolise the freedom we have in Christ:

Continuing the Malaysian theme, we invited Tony Brown (whose fiancee is Malaysian) to be the speaker at the meeting, and he wore a suitably colourful Chinese shirt for the occasion!

We also, in true Goldthorpe fashion, celebrated with Chinese and Indian food at the end of the service!