We started the Women’s World Day of Prayer service with reflection on our lives being in God’s hands, led by Christine Lee and a singing group from the Salvation Army:

This year, the service looked at injustices in Malaysian society (including the plight of Irene Fernandez who campagined for the rights of migrant workers and was imprisoned for this) and at some of the issues affecting women over the years, such as the Suffragette movement and the Ford factory strikes in Dagenham in 1968.

Ladies from different churches kindly shared in the readings of Bible passages (from Habbakkuk and the Parable of the Persistent Widow) and prayers:

Tony Brown spoke on the difficult question of reconciling God’s just nature with the injustice we see in the world and reminded us that free will means that people can choose to rebel against the commands that God has given us. He encouraged us to reflect Christ’s nature in how we deal with injustice, showing love to our enemies and blessing those who persecute us, leaving judgment and punishment to God (Romans 12:17-21)

Diane ably led the service:

Thanks to Stephen for providing the music for the 9 songs in the service, most of which he had to learn, since they were not all from his musical repertoire!

Thanks to all who participated and supported the meeting and for their generosity in giving £152.25 to Women’s World Day of Prayer. Offerings are distributed amongst Christian charities such as the Bible Society, RNIB and the Leprosy Mission.