Having spent so much time recently on the recurring theme that we need to know who God is (rather than who we think He is or being led astray by our own preconceptions, ideas, and wrong thoughts), it is perhaps time to restate some basic truths about God. I firmly believe that the Bible gives us enough revelation about God to know Him, though I also believe that we will never be able to understand everything about Him! (‘Almighty God, in every way You are above and beyond understanding’ – Tim Hughes, ‘Almighty God’) I also believe that it is more important for us to find what the Bible says about God than to come up with our own ideas.

The following list is not at all exhaustive. But hopefully it will provoke some thought and discussion!

• God is good and all He does is good (Ps 119:68).
• He is faithful and true (Rev 19:11).
• He is loving and faithful (Ps 25:10).
• He doesn’t treat us as our sins deserve (Ps 103:10).
• He is slow to anger and quick to love (Ps 103:8).
• He is almighty and the King of Glory (Ps 24:10).
• He is compassionate and gracious (Ex 34:6).
• He is holy (Lev 20:7-8).
• He is just (Deut 32:4).
• He doesn’t lie (Num 23:19).
• He doesn’t change (Mal 3:6).
• He is a consuming fire (Heb 12:29).
• He never leaves us or forsakes us (Heb 13:5).
• Nothing can separate us from the love of God which is in Christ Jesus (Rom