Stephen spoke last night about the wonders of creation, especially looking at the starry host.

Genesis 1:14-18 tells us that God made the sun and moon and the stars. That simple statement does not do justice to the amazing creation of God. No matter what man has built to explore the galaxies, he has not come to the end of discovering all that God has made.

Psalm 8 dwells on the glory God has set in the heavens and how magnificent His creation is, yet reminds us that we are individually known and loved by God as well. Psalm 147:4 reminds us that God has determined the exact number of stars and calls each one by name, yet even the number of hairs on our head is also known by God! Isaiah 40:26 reminds us that because of God’s great power and mighty strength, not one star is missing.

The stars act as signs to sacred events, as in the star which led the wise men to Jesus (Matt 2:1-10). Numbers 24:19 prophesied that a star would come out of Jacob and this star led the magi to Jerusalem, and ultimately to Bethlehem. We don’t believe in astrological star signs that predict our day-to-day lives, but we do believe that God uses different methods to speak to us and guide us to Him! Psalm 148:3 tells us that everything should praise God – even the sun, moon and stars!

When we ponder the Christmas story afresh, we are reminded how God worked all things together to announce the birth of His Son. Even the stars did His bidding! Let us also be quick to obey the One who is the mighty Creator and do His will in all things.