The posters below were used to advertise the Open Day beforehand:

In addition to displaying posters in as many different locations as would accept them (shops, schools, churches, libraries, leisure centres, doctor’s surgeries etc.), we distributed about 1000 flyers before the Open Day to let local residents know about the Open Day.

On the day itself, we tried to give the people who visited as much information about this journey as we possibly could:

We had a ‘Suggestions’ Table’ where people could read about the journey to getting the building and could put forward their suggestions for activities to be held in the new building:

We also had a table where people could read about all the different ways in which God has answered prayer over the years, including a photo album tracing the church’s history and the Bible verses which have sustained us on this journey. There was also the opportunity for people to write their own prayer requests for the church to pray over. It’s difficult to see on the photo, but there is actually a cross on the board to which prayer requests could be attached:

We also had notices in the community hall:

Some of the people who visited knew a lot about this journey (some have even followed the blog to find out about it!) But most of the 300 people who visited during the day knew very little about it and were simply excited to see what a new building in Goldthorpe had to offer. We hope they left knowing much more than when they arrived!