The Michael Card song ‘We Will Find Him’ looks at the search for Jesus by the wise men. I love his ability to capture truth in lyrics, often using paradox (‘a wordless one who is the word’, ‘in the silence of the stable there was wisdom finally heard’) and contrasting the lowliness of the stable with the the authority and splendour of Christ’s ultimate reign.

‘On a day like any other
In our search to find the truth
We turned so many musty pages
In our hope to find some clue
Then the words leapt from the parchment
From Jacob shines a star
That a wordless one who is the word
Will be worth a journey far

We will find Him
We will find Him
We will follow His star
We will search and we will follow
No matter how far
In castles, through kingdoms
We know where to start
To find the king whose kingdom is the heart

It was a night like any other
So cold and black and dark
And it told us all too clearly
Of the night inside our hearts
Then the star tore through the darkness
And like an angel shore
To guide us to that one true Light
Who became flesh and bone

He stilled our secret syllables
And hushed our wisest words
In the silence of the stable there
Was wisdom finally heard

We have found Him
We have found Him
We have seen the true Light
What was darkness
What was shadow
In His presence is delight
This One born so lowly the heavens declare
Will someday reign without a rival there.’ (‘We Will Find Him’, Michael Card)

‘We Will Find Him’, Michael Card