The retailer Marks and Spencer have run a Christmas advertisement starting with the phrase ‘Christmas wouldn’t be Christmas without…’ Last night, Stephen explored this theme:

Some people might end this sentence by supplying a variety of foods (… mince pies…. sprouts); others might end it with other items (… a jumper from Granny, presents.) More worryingly, some people could only, in all honesty, answer the phrase with indications of stress and anxiety (… endless rows… ongoing debt…) The advert suggested that what makes Christmas is what you put into it, but there was no mention of God anywhere.

Christmas is often abbreviated to ‘Xmas’ and some people think there is some kind of ‘X factor’ which makes Christmas special. The ‘X factor’ is not unknown, however, for the Bible tells us that God so loved the world that He sent His only Son so that we can be saved. (John 3:16 TNIV) God has given us the most amazing gift of all, His Son and our Saviour. (Luke 2:11 TNIV)

What is Christmas to you? What do you celebrate? All the things Marks and Spencer deem important might be included in your Christmas, but don’t forget that it’s all about Christ and all that God has done for each one of us. It’s good news indeed!