It’s been a busy week at church, with lots of great work done by willing volunteers in preparing to decorate the community room and corridor areas of the building. Next week, we’ll be continuing the painting, working every day except Thursday from 10 a.m. The more volunteers we have, the more quickly work will be completed, so if you can spare a couple of hours one day next week (Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday or Friday), that would be great. Lunch is provided for those helping. We are truly grateful for everyone’s stalwart support and appreciate the effort put in by so many of you!

Tonight will see the start of Garry’s new series ‘Talking Point!’, looking at topical issues from a Biblical perspective. We’ve set up a separate page on the website for this, so summaries from the sermons will be under the heading ‘Talking Point’ (you’ll find this under the ‘Blog’ heading on the website menu choices.) You can also add your comments and questions on this page. Tonight’s first topic will be euthanasia, looking at the difficult subject of ‘mercy’ killings, assisted suicide and other topics. Why do Christians believe in the sanctity of life? What do we mean by that? What about suffering? If we allow animals to be put out of their misery when suffering from illness, why shouldn’t we do the same for people? Who should decide these things? These are some of the topics we’ll be tackling tonight, for we need to know what the Bible teaches on these things and why we believe what we believe. Come along at 6 p.m. to find out more!