The pile of presents sits before you, untouched. Each present is beautifully wrapped, adorned with ribbons and bows. There are gifts of all shapes and sizes, all arranged carefully: alluring, tempting, inviting.

Each gift has your name on it. The name tags couldn’t be clearer. These are all gifts from a loving heavenly Father, provided to each of His children from a generous heart. There is no lack, no scarcity. (James 1:17)

But the gifts lie untouched, unopened, unwanted.

It’s not that they are not needed. They are – desperately. Inside these packages are all the resources needed for a victorious, successful life.

Here’s the gift of peace, available to every child, regardless of circumstances. (Is 26:3, Phil 4:7)

Here’s the gift of love – unfailing, unending, faithful, constant and true. (1 Cor 13:4-8)

Here’s the gift of acceptance, meeting your deepest need for belonging. (Rom 15:7)

This parcel contains joy that doesn’t need alcohol, drugs, money, relationships or pleasure to feed it. (John 16:24, John 17:13)

This one has strength (Ps 18:32); this one has contentment (1 Tim 6:6); this one has hope that casts out all despair. (Rom 15:13)

Yet these gifts, while untouched and unopened, can do nothing. They are powerless unless unwrapped and owned.

God says, ‘O my child, why turn your back on these gifts, freely given? Why run to the world for its Poundshop trinkets when all the treasures of wisdom and knowledge sit before you?’

Why not come and unwrap all that God has for you?