Garry spoke tonight about the submission of Christ. The last time he spoke on a Sunday evening, he talked about the need for our submission (to God and to other people), but submission was also vital for Jesus Christ. God exists in three persons (Father, Son and Holy Spirit – see Matt 3:16-17, John 14:15-18); one God but existing in three persons. God is righteous, He is love. These two aspects of HIs character are seen at Easter, for we all went astray from God (Is 53:6) and He cannot ignore this. The price for our disobedience was death, but since God is also love, He paid that debt Himself through Jesus. Jesus came to do God’s will (Heb 10:5-7). There were times when this caused Him anguish (Matt 26:36-46). His soul was troubled by the price He had to pay (John 12:27), but His submission to God meant He was prepared to pay this price.

Adam, the first man, chose not to submit to God; he effectively chose the way of death. But because Christ chose the way of obedience and submission, this led to life, to the resurrection! This leads to eternal life for us.His death and resurrection mean we can be forgiven. We can have a new life here on earth and forever more with Him. Christ will return and take all those who follow Him to heaven to live with Him forevermore. Christ has died. Christ has risen. Christ will come again! Are we ready?