I’m really enjoying my Lent study book, ‘At Home In Lent’ by Gordon Giles. The book looks at 46 household objects and connects them to our journey of faith. We are studying these passages and objects at our Lent lunches at church, starting on Friday, and each day during Lent on our church Facebook page and website, I’m sharing thoughts on these.
I believe firmly that faith is rooted in the ordinary and the everyday, that God is real in both our mountain-top experiences and in the valleys low! So today I offer my own household object: the kitchen sink.
I came down this morning having clearly not tidied up properly last night to find my sink looking like the first picture. Food remnants were clogging up the plughole. It looked disgusting.
I had to clear it all out and wash it (which obviously I should have done last night) before it was restored to its usual state.
As I did this, it reminded me of how sin so easily clogs our life and blocks the flow of God’s Holy Spirit in us. The sin may not seem very big (shreds of carrot and tiny onion pieces were not huge, after all), but it can easily build up to block our lines to God.
In order to have those communication lines restored – for if sin and unforgiveness remain, we are cut off from God – we must be cleansed. We have to confess our sin and turn away from it and allow God to cleanse and restore us.
So my morning cleaning job turned into a parable of its own!