Today’s household object from ‘At Home In Lent’ is something not every household may have: a safe. Our Bible passage is Matthew 6:19-23.

A safe is used to keep valuable things safe! Money, jewellery and important documents are items we often keep in a safe, which is protected by a lock and often needs an access code to open. The idea of a safe is that even if a burglar or fire were to devastate the sanctuary of our homes, our precious belongings would be protected.

Jesus reminds us in these verses, however, that we need to travel light through life and understand the importance of eternal treasures. As Chris Tomlin reminds us in his song, ‘Father of Lights’,

‘All the best things in this world
Money just can’t buy;
They come down from the Father, down from the Father.
Down from the Father of lights.’

Lent is a time for re-appraising our values and looking afresh at what is valuable in this life and the next.