Last night was a special service when Adrian Lee from the Salvation Army and members of that church and the Methodist Church in Great Houghton joined with us to celebrate all that God is doing in Goldthorpe through the food bank.

Adrian showed us a video about homelessness and the benefits reaching out to people with food and kindness can have.

Alison from the Salvation Army spoke about the effects the food bank is having on families in Goldthorpe: how it is helping people to cope with the difficult economic climate and how this is a bridge to people, showing them that there is a Saviour who cares and changing their attitudes:

Adrian spoke about how there is a spiritual hunger within people (as seen by the ‘Mind, Body, Spirit’ seminars and stalls held in local places such as Elsecar) and how there is a need for the church to proclaim the good news of Jesus Christ to those who need to know the reality of the Good Shepherd. So many people still do not yet know Jesus and can be deceived by alternatives which sound plausible but which cannot offer real life and hope. There is only one way to the Father. We have the privilege of pointing people to the Lord through the practical things we do. We shouldn’t simply be sitting in church doing nothing, but need to be seeking those who are lost, even as Jesus did. Jesus gives us eternal life and offers us guidance and hope for life. Let’s be obedient to Him and reach out to those around us in need.