Following on from the morning’s service about praising God for the current things He is doing in our lives, three people gave testimonies last night. Diane spoke of how she had had the opportunity to speak of God’s love to a man attending the coffee morning on Saturday and Eileen spoke about a conversation with a Christian lady at hospital that week and how God had given her boldness to speak about the church’s ministries to the medicar driver on the way home from hospital. Debbie spoke of how God had given her wisdom and words to speak to her neighbour during a difficult home situation and how God was moving in the neighbour’s son’s life. Such testimonies remind us of how God is at work in and through ordinary people and how He is answering our prayers for boldness this month!

It was also Diane’s turn on the birthday box:

Stephen then spoke from Luke 15:11-32 TNIV on the Parable of the Prodigal Son, looking particularly at the Father’s love as revealed in that story. His love is seen in his initial reaction to his son’s request for his inheritance (a dishonourable request to make since the father was still alive!) The father was generous enough to give his son blessing and wealth. God the Father lavishes blessings on us each day; He loves us so much that He gave His only Son for each one of us. Such a love is total and selfless.

The father waited for his son to return home and during the years of famine must have been worried about his son’s wellbeing. He never stopped looking out for him and eventually the son made the wise choice to return home and seek forgiveness. The father’s love knew no measure and was willing to embrace his son and restore him to his position in the family, rather than simply accepting him as a servant. His love put sandals on those tired feet and fed both body and soul. There is a better robe, a better treasure, for each one of us in God, for our heavenly Father longs to pour out blessings on us and there is an unlimited supply of love available to us.

Are we a taker, someone who takes from God and then leaves Him? Or are we living in God day by day?