Dave spoke this morning from 1 John 3:1, about the Father’s lavish love for us. Sin separated us from God, but His great love reached out to us. He could have rejected us and left it at that, but out of His great lov efor us, He brought us into His family.
God wants more than a truce, a cessation of hostilities. He wants to lavish His love on us, to treat us with abundant generosity. We are not only adopted into His family, we are also renewed. God’s very character is placed within us. Forgiveness is wonderful, but He does more than forgive us; He transforms us.
God’s Holy Spirit comes to us and lives within us, leading us and remaking us, renewing our minds and making us ambassadors for Christ. We are now heirs of God. God is Lord of everything, therefore our inheritance is truly vast!
On this Fathers’ Day, as we ponder earthly fathers and give thanks for them, we are reminded that there is no love like God’s love for us. This is a constant, faithful, unchanging love lavished freely on us by a generous and good God.