The theme of revival is one that is recurring frequently at our church as God lays this topic on our hearts and moves us to pray. Dave spoke this morning from 2 Chronicles 7:6-15. The context of this passage is the dedication of the temple built by Solomon at which the glory of God was visible and God assured Solomon He would be present with them. 2 Chron 7:13-14 contain both a warning and a promise. If God’s people turned their backs on Him, the result would be consequences they would not like (no rain, locusts and plagues), but if they repented, prayed, sought His face and turned from their wicked ways, then He promised to hear and answer and heal their land.

We might feel this passage has little relevance to 21st century Britain, but God’s word is always relevant and if God is to be true to His word, there will still be consequences to our actions. Whatever we may think of local and international disasters, we need to seek God for our society and pray for revival. We are God’s people; we belong to Him and are His possession.

1. Humility

The first thing we are required to do is humble ourselves. Many shun humility, equating it with weakness, but a humble person is strong, understanding his worth and value but not boasting or puffing himself up with self-importance.

2. Pray

We need to learn to seek God and pray, not only ‘gimme prayers’ but prayers which focus on the greatness of God where we declare who He is and what He has done.

3. Seek God’s Face

We need to learn to persevere in prayer: asking, knocking and seeking (see Luke 11). We cannot afford to pay lip service to prayer, but must learn to acknowledge God’s sovereignty and seek His face for everything, including the wisdom and guidance we so desperately need in life.

4. Turn from wicked ways

Most of us do not like to think of ourselves as wicked, but Rom 3:23 reminds us that we have all sinned. We have to learn to confess our sins (Js 5:16). Evan Roberts, one of the men God used in the Welsh Revival, used to say that for God to move, the past must be cleared through confession, every doubt must be put away, our obedience must be prompt and we must be unafraid to confess Christ publicly. Only then can we be prepared to receive the revival which is heaven-sent.

If we do these things, then God promises to heal, repair and restore. He promises to hear our prayers, to forgive and to heal. God is calling us to pray for revival, and though this vision may tarry (Hab 2:3), we can be sure that God will fulfil every promise He has made.