Paul’s letter to the Philippians, written from a Roman prison, exudes joy. The command to rejoice in the Lord is found twice (Phil 3:1, 4:4) and the word ‘joy’ is found five times in four chapters. It’s probably the most joyful of all Paul’s letters and reminds us that joy is not dependent on favourable circumstances or personality. Joy is made possible to all because of Jesus.

We rejoice this Christmas not simply in our gifts, food, families or friends (some people do not have these things at all.) We rejoice in the Lord. We rejoice in sins forgiven. We rejoice in reconciliation, that we are now children of God. We rejoice in God’s love, grace and mercy. We rejoice in the fact that God cared enough to send His Son to save us. We rejoice because we have hope, no matter how bleak the weather or what is going on in the world. The light has shone in the darkness and the darkness has not overcome. (John 1:5) Therefore, we rejoice.