Here are some of the streets we prayed for yesterday to add to your prayers:

Probert Avenue
(listed in Wikipedia as the place where Brian Blessed comes from!)

Lincoln Gardens

Welfare View

Dearne View

Straight Lane
(the Salvation Army is based on this street and we prayed for continued blessing and guidance on the church there as they minister the Gospel and seek to help the poor and needy in Goldthorpe)

Manor Avenue

Jackson Street

Homecroft Road

Leadley Street

Lesley Road

Shakespeare’s Juliet says:
“What’s in a name? That which we call a rose
By any other name would smell as sweet.”

Names, nonetheless, are distinguishing markers and to some extent set boundaries on individuality. When we think of all God’s names and how they give us glimpses into His nature and character, we can see the power of names. As we walk these streets, which often look very similar and all contain houses and families, we are reminded that God knows each one of us and calls us by name. Let’s pray for these streets by name and ask God to work in the people who live on them.