During the community carol service, Chris Lee from the Salvation Army led a children’s choir:

Children were also involved in tableaux as the Christmas story was narrated and carols were sung:

We are grateful for the links that many churches have to local schools and for the work that they do with Sunday schools and children’s clubs throughout the year. Please pray for these ministries. The Evangelical Alliance has recently published the result of a nationwide survey (entitled ‘Confidently Sharing the Gospel?’, which can be read here), which reminds us of the startling fact that 72% of all evangelical Christians in the UK made a commitment to follow Christ before the age of 20. Even more startling, 32% of girls had made that commitment before the age of 11, with 24% of boys making that commitment before the age of 11. These statistics remind us of the vital importance of children’s and youth ministries in our churches and should be a great incentive (if we need one!) to pray.