As the summer holidays start, so does the hard work of decorating our church building. Having such a great community facility is a fantastic privilege, but we also have a responsibility to look after this facility and so over the next few weeks, we’ll be aiming to decorate the huge community room (used by so many groups during the week normally, but most groups take a break over summer, giving us the ideal opportunity to do work) and the corridor. The last time we tackled these was when we first moved into the building five years ago (yes, it really has been that long!), so we’re hoping our amazing army of volunteers will come along to help again as we clean, sand down, fill holes and re-paint!

Work starts on Tuesday 21st July at 10 a.m. We’ll be open each week for a few days per week. This week, we’re aiming to work on Tuesday, Wednesday (22nd July) and Friday (24th July), starting at 10 a.m. and continuing till whenever! (People may come after work, for example, if evenings are the only time available.) Come along if you can for as much or as little of that time as you can spare and we’ll soon see transformation again! As the proverb says, ‘many hands make light work‘!

We are truly grateful for people who are so willing to be involved in practical work (especially those of us, like myself, who are not at all gifted in the painting and decorating realms!) There’s always a job to be done, however, so whatever your skills, please come along and help if you can.