Throughout Lent, we will be looking at everyday household objects and Bible passages and seeing how the two connect (for our faith is lived out in the everyday world, which for most of us, most of the time, is quite ordinary and humdrum.) A friend of mine made the comment yesterday “I love the things you bring out of things that happen to you.” Jesus did exactly that, telling stories about the ordinary stuff of life – sheep, building, weddings and so on – and linking these to spiritual truth.
Throughout Lent we will be looking at the book “At Home In Lent” by Gordon Giles and meeting on Fridays at 12 p.m. from 23 February until 22 March to have lunch together and to talk about all we have read to see how we can apply these things to our lives. You are welcome to join us.
The first everyday object in the book is the door. The first Bible passage is in Revelation 3:20-22, where Jesus stands at the door and knocks.
Holman Hunt’s famous painting ‘Light of the World’ (which I saw regularly when I lived at Keble College, Oxford) shows a door with no handle on the outside. We are the ones who must open the door to Jesus when He knocks.
Doors let people in (and keep people out.) They are the gateway to our homes. Easter reminds us of the extraordinary lengths God went to to enter our world to be available and present to our lives. Let’s open the doors of our hearts and welcome Him in.