This morning’s sermon looked at the topic of imagination and vision. Imagination is similar to vision, and we need God to help us to use imagination to keep the vision He has before us. Looking at comparisons between the Garden of Eden and the book of Revelation, Stephen contrasted the idea of the river of life (see Rev 21:6), the tree of life for the healing of the nations (Gen 2:9 & Rev 22: 2) and light (contrasting the created light in Gen 1:3-5, 14 with God being our ultimate light. (Rev 21:23)) Man was banished from Eden after sin’s fall but we will one day be in God’s presence again, feasting on His delights and seeing Him face to face.

Can we grasp this vision? Can we hold on to the fact that we will see the splendour of the King for ourselves? The vision in Revelation is the conclusion of the Second Coming of Christ. We don’t know when He will come, but if we accept that Jesus died for us, this vision will one day become reality in our lives; we will dwell with God forever and will know perfect peace and joy.