Garry spoke at Cherry Tree Court this morning about his rather eventful journey home from work on 7th November, when flooding hit South Yorkshire. Travelling to and from work by motorbike meant he was not caught up in traffic as long as some people in cars, but the journey – which usually takes about 40 minutes – took almost three hours as roads were blocked because of flooding. At many points during the journey, he simply longed to be home, out of the soaking rain and in the safety and security of his own home.

Luke 15:11-32 tells the story of a son who left home to make his fortune, believing the grass would definitely be greener on the other side… only to discover that life was much harder than he had anticipated. When the son returned home, he discovered that his father was waiting for him with open arms; the father was watching out for the son’s return and eagerly ran to meet him. This is a picture of the Father’s heart for us and how He longs to welcome us all back to His family.

It can be hard to view Almighty God as a father, but this is the relationship now open to us all as we draw near to God. We can know we are dearly loved children who are welcomed home into the Father’s presence.