Igor has been venturing forth again, this time accompanying me to an Oxford reunion:

Here he is, outside Keble College:

Then he went to investigate the chapel steps:

He felt at home in the gardens with the water features:

Then he decided it was time to investigate inside the college rooms:

And he likes being at windows very much:

Sadly, however, he was not allowed in at any of the official functions over the weekend, and therefore missed hearing about real iguanas in Ecuador from Steve Davies (the missionary who visited church in March and who witnessed many iguanas wandering around the compound where he worked, not to mention falling from the ceiling of a school staffroom when the plyboard gave way…)

On the subject of missionaries, Steve and Katuska would appreciate prayer for their situation as they wait for sufficient funding to be allowed to go to Mozambique. Waiting for God’s provision and timing can be difficult and it can be hard to know what to do in these waiting periods. As we experienced first-hand when purchasing St Mark’s, the journey of faith is rarely a smooth, straight road, but we hold on to God’s faithfulness at all times. Your ongoing prayer support is much appreciated.