Inspired by the thought of entertaining angels unawares (see Hebrews 13 and Thursday’s Bible study), Mark looked at the subject of angels this morning.

What perception do we have of angels? Do we think of them as ‘fluffy’ (beautiful, bright, windged, bright, gentle) or do we think of them as ‘fearsome’ (strong, raging, battlers, scary)? Angels have been depicted in art over the ages in all kinds of ways:

An angel is mentioned in Genesis 3:24 as guarding the Garden of Eden and wielding a sword of fire. Other angels (eg in Exodus 23:20-23) are described as a guide or leader into battle, one who destroyed God’s enemies. They are terrifying creatures!

Matthew 18:10 talks about children having their own angels. Angels have a job to protect, to inform (think of the angels announcing the imminent birth of Jesus to Mary and Joseph), and to do God’s will. They are awe-inspiring messengers of God with His authority to do what they are sent to do. They have the authority to lead and guard and defend (see Ps 34:7 ‘The angel of the Lord encamps all around those who fear Him and delivers them.’)

Psalm 91 reminds us of the character and names of God (‘The Most High’, ‘Almighty’, ‘the Lord’.) God Almighty is both Elyon and Shaddai; He is powerful and our protector and He has set His love on us, which includes giving angels care over us. Whatever we do, wherever we go, however scared we may feel at times, we must never forget that God and His legions of angels protect us because of His great love for us!