The family service tonight took as its theme ‘Birthdays’ and the quiz asked us to match up a set of birthdays to famous people who were pictured. How would you do? Do you know when these people were born?
(1) Joan of Arc

(2) Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

(3) Galileo Galilei

(4) Alexander Graham Bell

(5) Albert Einstein

(6) Johnny Depp

(7) Angelina Jolie

(8) Tom Cruise

(9) Kylie Minogue

(10) Eden Taylor-Draper

Answers below:
(1) Joan of Arc, born 6th January 1412
(2) Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, born 27th January 1756
(3) Galileo Galilei, born 15th February 1564
(4) Alexander Graham Bell, born 3rd March 1847
(5) Albert Einstein, born 14th March 1879
(6) Johnny Depp, born 9th June 1963
(7) Angelina Jolie, born 4th June 1975
(8) Tom Cruise, born 3rd July 1962
(9) Kylie Minogue, born 28th May 1968
(10) Eden Taylor-Draper, born 27th October 1997

Another tough quiz from Tony Burgin!