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Consideration is defined as ‘careful thought’ and implies a weighing of thought before action. There is a proverb which says, ‘fools rush in where angels fear to tread’, and often that describes much of our daily action. We open our mouths before engaging our brains, so to speak, or we hasten to do something without realising that it’s wise to look before you leap!

Consideration – taking the time to think before we speak and act – will lead to us becoming more considerate people (being careful not to hurt others.) It’s so easy these days to type a furious text or Facebook post in the heat of the moment or to lash out with hurtful comments and then have to spend time repairing the damage we’ve done or regaining the confidence of someone we’ve wounded unnecessarily. Much better to embrace consideration, slow down and cool down before we speak or act. Prov 11:12 says, ‘the one who has understanding holds their tongue.’ Someone has commented that God has given us two ears but only one mouth; therefore, we should listen twice as much as we speak. Let’s learn to embrace consideration and think before we speak and act.