There are times when decisive action is the correct response to a situation, but there are also situations beyond our control where it’s better to wait before leaping to action. Some of us have personalities which are action-based; others are more cautious and reflective by nature. It can be difficult to recognise which response is required at any given time – both responses require courage and nerve, and wisdom is needed to know which response is necessary!

In fierce natural storms such as hurricanes or blizzards, sometimes the best response is to seek refuge until the storm has passed. This is David’s response in Ps 57:1 – “I will take refuge in the shadow of Your wing until the disaster has passed.” Heart pounding, fearful, uncertain and unnerved, it is not easy to hide in this manner.

Sometimes, ‘doing nothing’, taking refuge, hiding ourselves under God’s protective wings is precisely what we must do. We must lay down our arrogant thinking that we can fix every situation and lay down our pride which says we have all the answers and wait patiently for the salvation and deliverance of our God. We must ignore the clamouring voices for us to ‘do something‘ and humble ourselves under the mighty hand of God, allowing Him to raise us up.

If you’re quivering under God’s wings today, there’s no better place to be. There, our heartbeat can return to normal. The disaster, the storm, the calamity will pass. God can straighten us out and send us forth with new things to do. But there’s no shame in taking refuge in Him.