One way we can improve our thankfulness is through practice! (Practice makes perfect, they say, and I’ve certainly found that we never improve in any area of our lives without effort and persistence.) One song tells us to ‘count your blessings, name them one by one’, and this is something that with practice, we can learn to do.

So today, amidst the flurry of activity which is probably making you feel far from thankful, take the time to list some of the things you can be thankful for. Perhaps it’s the sunshine or the crisp frost. Maybe it’s getting a card in the post from an old friend. Perhaps it’s spending time with a friend or just the blessing of a child-free cup of coffee! The more you think about it, the more you will find to be thankful for.

And if you really can’t think of anything, then you can be thankful for the fact that God loves you, Jesus came to earth to be your Saviour and the Holy Spirit can now live in you to help you every single day of your life… which is quite a lot of reasons to be cheerful!