Daily acts of kindness help us to keep our focus on God and away from the selfish tendency to hoard and think only about our own needs. Yesterday, we talked about a ‘giveaway Advent calendar’ to help our local Salvation Army food bank and to encourage generosity, but generosity is not always shown in material ways. We can help others through daily acts of kindness: speaking positively, paying compliments, thanking others, showing love in acts of service (doing shopping for someone, maybe, or helping with a repair.) In these acts of kindness, we show that we value people, appreciate them, and are thinking about them.

We might thank a shop attendant instead of haranguing them; we might stop to help someone in the street; we might offer to make a drink at home instead of expecting to be waited on hand and foot! These daily acts of kindness never seem particularly noteworthy, but are, in fact, visible demonstrations of love and appreciation. They really do make a difference!