This morning we looked at the subject of ‘Christmas Unwrapped’. Giving presents at Christmas time is a long-established tradition (tied in with the belief that at Christmas, God gave us the ultimate gift of His Son), but the tradition of wrapping those presents in beautiful paper goes back tp 1917 when the Hall brothers ran out of tissue paper and started to print large rolls of patterned wrapping paper. Wrapping presents can be to protect them or to disguise them, but part of the fun of Christmas Day in our country is unwrapping presents!
We got to unwrap a large present between Christmas carols this morning, and whilst the children enjoyed decorating Christmas baubles they found in the present, the real gift was that of a baby doll in a manger to remind us that Jesus is the real gift of Christmas. The manger reminds us that Christmas is all about Jesus. The presents are lovely; the food is wonderful; the lights and decorations are great to see; the party games often bring much fun… but Christmas is nothing without Jesus.
What is even more wonderful to behold is that Jesus is no longer in the manger. He is no longer even on the cross. He died and rose again and now lives forevermore, Immanuel (God with us) every day of the year, not just Christmas Day.