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Live Long & Prosper!

The Star Trek series introduced us to the Vulcans, living on another planet and the epitome of logic and reason, whose mantra (accompanied by a hand greeting I never managed to master!) is 'Live long and prosper!' Interestingly, the Bible has much to say on this...

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Embrace Self-Control

The English used to be famed for their ‘stiff upper lip’; self-control was probably the virtue of which the nation was most proud. Whilst this may have led to repression and suppression, there is much to be said for learning self-control, which is listed as one of the...

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Palm Sunday reflections

J-P took us all on a time journey back to Jerusalem to think about Palm Sunday. For many, this was a day of celebration, of welcome to the new King, but as we look back on this day, our reactions are often tinged with sadness because we know that the celebration...

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Talking Point

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How We Got Here

From There to Here

The process of buying a new building is not always an easy one. First of all, there was the funding application. (Unless you’ve tackled one of these things, you really have no idea what a massive amount of work has to go in to this!) Then there was the question of...

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A New Chapter

2010 - the year that Goldthorpe Pentecostal Church saw a dream come true! This blog is dedicated to charting the church's progress in renovating the building formerly known as St Mark's Methodist Church. The story of how we come to be in this position goes back many...

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