2010 – the year that Goldthorpe Pentecostal Church saw a dream come true! This blog is dedicated to charting the church’s progress in renovating the building formerly known as St Mark’s Methodist Church. The story of how we come to be in this position goes back many years, but the recent adventures in actually getting possession of the building is nothing short of miraculous.

Some background information first: we are an independent Pentecostal church, situated in Goldthorpe in South Yorkshire. Since June 1964, we have met in a building on Beever Street, but over the past three years, this has become too small for the community work we have been doing and we have been looking at moving into a bigger building. When the local Methodist church building came on the market, the church leadership felt that this was the time to move. The vision for this dates back many years, but having the resources to do this still seemed way beyond us.

Years of faithful ministry in the local community, establishing a thriving children’s and youth work and working with Mums & Toddlers, meant that the church has an established presence in the area and funding became available for equipment for the youth group from Coalfields Regeneration Trust. “Is there anything else we can help you with?” a representative from CRT asked the pastor of the church, as the grant for equipment was being sorted.

“Well, the only other thing would be a new building,” came the reply, only to be told, “We can probably help you with that too.” And so the dream was about to become reality…